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From Founder
Be sweet until the next time I see you…”

Tonya R. Harper


Our Story

In 2012, I began the journey of crafting handmade bath and body products.  At Sweet Viola LLC, our passion is to Satisfy Your Skin’s Appetite through artisan soaps, lotions and more.  We appreciate your support for our small, women owned minority business that grew from the love of family.

My grandparents and great grandparents taught me lessons I carry with me today.  To be kind to others and respect your elders.  To give thanks to the Lord and pass on your blessings.  So often, these things are lost in the busy world we live in. 

Through their lessons, I found the courage to go after my dreams and create a company.  One, that I rightfully named in their honor.  

I can still hear the kind words of my great grandmother.  “Be sweet until the next time I see you.” Her name was Viola.

My hope is to enhance your bathing experience by spreading more positivity and sweetness in this world through products made with love.

Welcome to Sweet Viola!

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